Low Cost Housing - Kigali

Rwanda’s capital Kigali has a shortage of over 30,000 dwelling units out of 31,279 units in demand every year, according to studies.

With urbanisation expected to rise to 35% by 2024, the housing demand is expected to rise further in coming years necessitating more real estate firms to invest in affordable housing to meet the demand.

More real estate firms ought to invest in affordable housing to meet the demand for shelter that is projected at 310,000 housing units by 2032. Currently 217,000 units are needed in the country, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

However, failure to meet targets in executing some affordable housing projects could lead beneficiaries to wait a bit longer for shelter, writes Michel Nkurunziza for The New Times.


  • Luan Nguyen
    May 17, 2019

    Everyone is welcome !

    • Luan Nguyen
      May 17, 2019

      The article is very good and detailed

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